Thank you for visiting Roka Refractories website.

This web location is designed to serve as a resource for understanding the overall organization and corporate philosophy of Roka Refractories.
Being a Chemical Engineer myself, I have always dreamed of contributing to domestic decoration by offering high quality, yet affordable solutions. Since its foundation, our company’s ideals may be summarized in three words:

Quality, Constancy, Reliability

In the course of time our company has circumvented severe “sirens” of aberrance from its predetermined path.

Our fundamental bonds with Quality can be attested by the fact that despite the proximity of our company’s manufacturing installations to countries where wages and taxation are significantly lower and a translocation would increase the net profit margin, we remain in Greece. It is our firm belief that Quality calls for strict knowledge management and experienced / specialized staff from the lower organizational level to the administration itself. As a result, in the dilemma Quality or Lower Production Cost we selected the first.

Our persistency in Constancy can be averred by the fact that despite our capacity to extend our products’ application range to industries by manufacturing high duty refractories, we intentionally stayed focused on what we do best; that is decorative firebricks for domestic appliances. A shift in the company’s orientation would risk the de facto constant manufacturing flow and put our values at stake.

Our commitment to Reliability is highlighted by our decision not to replace human workers by robots that would automatically stack the bricks on pallets. This way we secure that each one of the produced units is eye-controlled and eventual defects are instantly spotted and corrected.

As to how we manage to keep our prices low?
The answer is simple. We invest in:
1) Economies of Scale by aiming at bulk sales with low prices
2) New technologies which increase the production capacity

We at Roka Refractories have proven that high quality and low costs are far from incompatible and would welcome you to confirm this.

I hope you find this letter useful and informative.

All our efforts serve to support one goal - to provide the type of products that not only cover their practical purposes but also add aesthetic value to their appliances, your home.
Georgios D. Rokos
Founder and Chairman