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Roka Refractory forwarding its already leading position in firebricks industry, offers the unique capability to produce, innovative solutions for decorative firebricks in revolutionary colors setting the benchmark for the entire architects, decorators and contractors industry.

About Us

Being an in-house developer, we use only our own technical infrastructure, offering turn-key solutions and customized options to the global refractories industry.

With over 25 years of experience and certified by TUV Austria-Hellas (ISO 9001-2008), Istituto di Ricerche Agrindustria Srl (food suitability), Democritus Institute (asbestos absence) and being in accordance with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) International Standards and the (EN) European Standardization Organization, Roka Refractories® forwarding its already leading position in Refractories industry worldwide, offers new, innovative solutions for decorative fire bricks and fire boards in revolutionary colors setting the benchmark for the entire refractories industry.


The production of refractory bricks has always been our company’s core activity. With a production capacity of 200.000 tones per annum and three production units, RO.KA Refractories is one of Europe’s largest players. Our bricks belong to the category of “fireclay refractory bricks”.

Lavamix is a high-temperature refractoriness material that can endure up to 1200⁰C. It is a mix of primary ingredients that can be found in nature, which we were able to mix with our technological infrastructure in order to provide the best possible result.

Fire boards are special refractory clay boards whose heat resistance meets or exceeds 1200°C. They are made of silicoaluminate clays and calcium-based binders and they are used as inserts in metallic stoves (fire backs) and fireplaces.

Roka Refractory Mortars constitute a turn key solution in a fireplace’s or a barbecue’s construction process. Our mortars are, in fact, a mixture of special refractory cement and a variety of fireclays which results from the firebrick production process.

Fireclay is the dominant raw material in the production of firebricks. Roka Refractory possesses its own quarries, in different locations in the Balkans.
After careful elaboration, we abstract useless elements to offer a clear and qualitative material to our customers.

Our collection of Ifestos is a mortar that is mixed with a specific liquid secret formula that results a great refractory glue which can even stick firebricks with the iron part of a fireplace/stove.

Fireproof Material

A refractory mineral is a mineral that is resistant to decomposition by heat, pressure, or chemical attack. It most commonly refers to a mineral that retains strength and form at high temperatures. Refractory materials are used in furnaces, kilns, incinerators, and reactors.




Fireproof Material

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Factory Headquarters

Factory Headquorters
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Factory Bulgaria

Factory Bulgaria
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Factory Special Items

Factory Special items
Terma Asteriou Oikonomou Lagadas
Postal Code: 57200, Greece
Phone number: +30 23940 25290
Fax number: +30 23940 25297